Training Courses

What makes us a Market Leader?

Bridgit Africa’s PMI®-aligned project management courses are designed to train individuals of various levels within an organization about the science and art of successful projects. Courses have been developed by skilled Project Practitioners, who focus on initiating, planning and implementing these sorts of projects.

Bridgit Africa’s specialized courses incorporate the following:

  • Experiential Learning
  • Case Based learning
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Role Playing
  • Project Management Simulation

Our Differentiators:

Bridgit Africa (Pty) Ltd offers interactive Competency Development using advanced simulation techniques to successfully embed the Project Management course within delegates minds.

Training needs must be identified and understood before anything else, so we need to know what is required of individuals, departments and organizations as a whole. Limited budgets drive the need for cost-effective solutions and it’s therefore necessary for organizations to ensure that resources invested in training are targeted at areas where they’re needed most – this will result in positive ROI.

What We Provide:

The SharePoint portal will be used to facilitate communication and collaboration amongst the delegates. The course content is updated on a monthly basis to keep it up-to-date for project management professionals. There are tools there, such as Project Reporting Dashboards and Template Library that help with daily project management tasks like Project Management reporting dashboards and template libraries make the job easier.

Training Needs Analysis:

While today’s workplace has changed, new technologies and flexible working practices are becoming more widespread, change in skills is also needed to be successful. This is especially true when it comes to analyzing training needs because it will help you be prepared for the future.

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