PMBOK 6th Edition Quiz – C3

Question 01:

You are in the identifying risks process. You are meeting with your team members and stated that the project may be delayed because of the late delivery of certain consumables for your project. Now you ask the team members to find ways in which this problem can occur. What technique are you using here?

A. Sensitivity analysis

B. Root cause analysis

C. Brainstorming

D. Assumption and constraint analysis

Answer: B

This is the root cause analysis where a moderator starts a discussion with a problem statement and asks members to find ways this problem could occur.

Question 02:

You have floated a tender for your project, and to clarify some issues raised by bidders you are conducting a bidder conference. What will not be done in a bidder conference?

A. Award the contract

B. Explain the bid terms and conditions

C. Clarify the doubt

D. Q&A

Answer: A

In a bidder conference, you clear the doubts raised by bidders and clarify the terms and conditions of the contract. In a bidder conference, you do not award the contract.